Songs of Proves: February 2015

We’re continuing our YouTube escapades this week, with another link up to the video sharing site, but this time for a regular favourite of ours – our monthly Songs of Proves playlist.

If you’re unsure what on earth we’re talking about, we’ve recently uploaded our first recipe video to YouTube and we’ve gotten a lovely response already. The first recipe we’re sharing is for a cheesy, turkey gratin filled with mushrooms, tomatoes and leeks while bathing in a silky, creamy Boursin sauce. It’s a one dish wonder and perfect for no-thought-required cookery as you can chuck all the raw ingredients at the same time, cook it all together, and be dead impressed with yourself once you take your meal out of the oven. If, like us, you get bogged down by spending the little free time you have in the evenings after work chopping, sautéing and frying in order to make yourself a meal, this is a winner!


Back to the focus of this post, we’re kicking off 2015 as we mean to continue, and following on from the success of Songs of Proves last year we ain’t going nowhere. As we’ve said a million times, music in the kitchen is bliss and can make even the most basic and boring of tasks feel much more energised and positive. We love putting on a selection of songs – whether an old album, a Spotify playlist or just a few sneaky YouTube selections – to have on in the background while we chop vegetables, knead some dough to make a loaf or even just while we undertake the horrible task of washing up!

This month we’re loving seasoned favourites of ours like Jessie Ware, Lana Del Rey and Lisa O’Neill while we are enamoured with new tunes from upcoming acts destined for success in 2015 like Kwabs, James Bay and Nimmo. We picked a few last year who have become huge names in the world of music, so who knows, we could be onto something again with these guys!

lisa o'neill profile headshot

We’re committed to, and heartily involved in, gay culture and feel we don’t always have enough of an opportunity to delve into that on our blog, so #Proves is always a great avenue and insight into our worlds in that way. We have the latest Kylie track for you this month. Yes, we know, we know, she features almost every month – but this is insanely good and not to be missed! We also just booked tickets to see her in Hyde Park this summer, and are even now counting down the days to seeing her again! We also have drag queens singing about how ‘fucking cool’ they are and a stiletto-rocking trio from Ukraine with absolutely killer moves. Come see us on the dancefloor this month!

belle sebastian

February 2015 Tracklisting:

  1. Adore Delano Ft. Alaska Thunderfuck – I Look Fuckin’ Cool
  2. Kwabs – Walk
  3. Jessie Ware – You and I (Forever)
  4. Nimmo – Jaded
  5. James Bay – Scars
  6. Lisa O’Neill – England Has My Man
  7. Lana Del Rey – I Can Fly
  8. Years & Years – King
  9.  Boxed In – Mystery
  10. Belle & Sebastian – The Party Line
  11. Giorgio Moroder ft. Kylie Minogue  – Right Here, Right Now
  12. Kazaky – What You Gonna Do
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