Cookbook and Food Book Recommendations 2019

Each December for the last three years on the trot we’ve appeared on The Last Word – Matt Cooper’s Today FM drivetime show – sharing an annual list of the best cookbooks of the year. Always a joy, a delight and a privilege to be asked (and asked back!), we thought we’d share and elaborate on them here too – as sometimes the confines of a radio slot means we can’t include every single pick we had! Plus, you have a list you can tick off, or to send as a gentle nudge to those asking what you might like to receive as a gift this festive season…

This comes with a light caveat, which should be implied but we’ll say it anyway: these are our own personal picks –– there are many other wonderful cookbook and food/travel books that have been published this year, but the ones we’ve chosen are ours alone. But, in saying that, we think they are a great reflection of the place we’re all at right now, there’s a sharp emphasis on local Irish writers and we’ve also tried to demonstrate a little bit of diversity where possible… so, here goes! Note: You can use our affiliate links via Amazon to purchase some or all of these books, for which we will receive a very tiny commission. As ever, we truly appreciate little acts of support, but our focus is to shout about the authors here, not to make coin off the back of them 🙂

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