Kanelbulle Klass: Making Cinnamon Buns in Vaxholm, Stockholm Archipelago

Crunching through knee-height snow at 10am on a chilly Thursday morning in the island of Vaxön, one dot of land set within a 30,000-cluster of isles and skerries dappled amidst this inlet of the Baltic Sea, we make our way through a small residential road prettily appointed with varied styles and sizes of homes. Most sleepily hibernating in the tough Swedish winter shuddering with that Baltic breeze, we arrive to a house and knock the door, the sound of a dog barking from within before the scent of freshly brewed (read: black, short and strong) coffee wafts out as the door opens.

Brushing the fluffy snow off our woolly hats, scarves and coats, our thick boots having dripped mini puddles around Linda Wahlström’s doorway, we hang our outerwear and shift in our socks towards Linda’s gorgeous open plan Swedish kitchen, ready for a day of traditional Swedish baking.

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