GastroGays Moving to London: Change of Scenery

You may have noticed lately that we have been quieter than we are usually. There has been a very good reason for this. All is well with us GastroGays, don’t you worry. Things have just changed.

When we began this blog, we had made our long bucket list of places to eat in Dublin, and thoroughly enjoyed eating our way through the city. Who wouldn’t? However, career paths, life, finances and other things began to change and we decided together that maybe our next move was not to be within Dublin, but instead to another city.

Luckily for us, we both knew where we wanted to go. So from now on, GastroGays will not be just about Dublin, but London too!

We’re moving to London!

We both feel that London is such an exciting, vibrant and varied city that it’s hard not to walk around and feel inspired by the hundreds of cultures and cuisines. We’re also very excited to have have our own kitchen to create a whole host of things for your eyes to feast on and recreate in your own place too. Expect everything including but not limited to recipes, reviews, videos, hundreds of pictures and more! We still have some Dublin posts to come over the coming weeks.

Celebrating our arrival in London!

We are both really excited about what is ahead for the two of us, and we hope that you will enjoy the journey that lies ahead. Stay tuned for updates from the British capital!

Much love,

Patrick & Russell xx



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