If you have landed upon this page, well done. Great decision. You won’t be disappointed.

This blog arose out of a love for Dublin and a complete under appreciation of the great gastronomic delights that lie mere moments from our doorstep. As somewhat of a New Year’s Resolution we decided that we needed to sample some of the excellent restaurants that are dotted around Dublin, which we have completely ignored or not made much of an effort to sample and support.

As a bit of a bucket list, we wrote down 50 restaurants, cafés and bars that we wanted to try throughout 2013. This blog is dedicated to our trials throughout the city eating and drinking our way to a better 2013; supporting local business,  embracing the strong Irish food community and playing our part in making it something really worthwhile.

We hope to encourage others to try out the excellent eateries out there and to engage with the fledgling food community that is so important in Ireland right now. We write from a place of passion and we hope to pass that on to reader and fan alike.

A little disclaimer. Though we may review, rate and recommend eateries we do not strive to be known as or proclaim ourselves to be food critics. We are simply divulging our honest experiences of the places we try and the people we meet – whether they be positive, negative or anything between. The 50 places we have chosen to blog about have been chosen not because we think they are the best or the worst – simply from an intrigued desire to try them out. Though these posts will anchor the blog, we will also be engaging with and reporting on various food and drink-related topics sporadically.


A little bit about us. We are Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon. Extreme foodophiles by nature, not necessarily by profession. Though in our early twenties, you will most likely find us tucking into a full-bodied red and some night cheese, as opposed to stumbling out of Dublin nightclubs on a Wednesday night.


We met while studying in university and have been embarking on a life together in Dublin for the past two years. Having both recently moved back to the big smoke after post-university stints back at home, we are really excited to engage with and take advantage of the unique food community around us.


Radio broadcaster and journalist by day, Liz Lemon-like food obsessives by night. Enjoy, interact and use this blog as much as you like. Find us on our personal or GastroGays Twitter accounts and say hello!

Press Information

We love to hear from everyone, and our email is hiya@gastrogays.com for all kinds of inquiries, comments and chat.

Reviews (Restaurant, café, bar, product…)

The original reason why we started up this blog was to explore and visit a number of places across Dublin then review them for the site. Since moving to London, we have tweaked our mission to an extent and still enjoy visiting and reviewing restaurants, cafes and bars, albeit a little less than before, as our own recipes, photography and personalities have taken more of the spotlight.

We have a stuck rule however, that we will not write negative reviews. Our blog was born with honesty running through it’s veins, and sometimes that requires critique and harsh opinion, but we will not waste our time on time spent damning someone else’s business on our site. Running a blog takes up a lot of time and we don’t believe in spending our spare time consciously bringing negativity to our labour of love. We find the good in almost everything, and if it isn’t good to us, we’d rather just not review – just how we wouldn’t recommend a place to friends and family if we didn’t truly support and enjoy it.

We also try and visit a business at least twice (often three times to get the best opinion and experience) before reviewing it. This is extremely important for us, as it means we get a rounded picture, and also dine at different times of day, eat different menus and get different service each time, so we can provide you with the best insight. This practice also takes up a lot of free time and cost, always at our own expense, so we take it very seriously.

Oh, and we don’t believe in writing favourable reviews or pushing content in exchange for a free meal or product, by the way.

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