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An Announcement…

We’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do this.

A video, a picture on Instagram, or a thread on Twitter, perhaps, but doing it this way on the blog seems to be the best move – since this is where it all began, really.

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Snapshots: January 2015

The start of the year has been rather wonderful for us! Every few months, we take an evening to ourselves and pop down to the pub to review our aims and ambitions for the months and year ahead. We did this in the last fortnight, and are so delighted with how our plans for the past year have been made into reality. Our Instagram is growing at a faster rate than expected, and we last month we began making some YouTube videos too.

So as is tradition, here is a look back at the month that was January 2015, through the eyes of our cameras.

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Snapshots: October 2014

We’re a tad late with this one for a change, but only because November has been hectic so far and we’re still getting our shit together and getting over October being a month of emotional ‘goodbyes’…

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Beginnings Before Blogging – Russell

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Hi! Russell here with my beginnings and back story before we set up this blog. You can catch up on Patrick’s post by clicking here….
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