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An Announcement…

We’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do this.

A video, a picture on Instagram, or a thread on Twitter, perhaps, but doing it this way on the blog seems to be the best move – since this is where it all began, really.

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Moving To London plus 10 Tips for London House Hunting

For the past few weeks and months we’ve been compiling the ideas, steps and struggles we’ve gone through trying to set up a new life across the pond in London. We thought it necessary to share our story in the hopes that it may give piece of mind and interest to others planning on doing the same. London’s a tough but exciting place to live, so let us know if any of the advice below is of any help!


Note: This is just how we went about things and is in no way a declaration of how things must be done, but more an offering of one (tried and tested) path to go about things.

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GastroGays Moving to London: Change of Scenery

You may have noticed lately that we have been quieter than we are usually. There has been a very good reason for this. All is well with us GastroGays, don’t you worry. Things have just changed.

When we began this blog, we had made our long bucket list of places to eat in Dublin, and thoroughly enjoyed eating our way through the city. Who wouldn’t? However, career paths, life, finances and other things began to change and we decided together that maybe our next move was not to be within Dublin, but instead to another city.

Luckily for us, we both knew where we wanted to go. So from now on, GastroGays will not be just about Dublin, but London too!

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