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Recipe | Organic Courgette Fritters for Breakfast [SP]

We’re gonna preface this recipe and state that we don’t think anything should need to be labelled ‘organic’.

To us, non-organic ingredients and produce should be the very stuff that needs to be labelled and singled out! It shouldn’t have to be the case that you search eagle-eyed through supermarket shelves, specialist stores and navigating local suppliers trying to find the best produce available, it should always be at the forefront.

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An Announcement…

We’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do this.

A video, a picture on Instagram, or a thread on Twitter, perhaps, but doing it this way on the blog seems to be the best move – since this is where it all began, really.

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kotor cropped russell patrick

If you’ve stumbled upon our blog for the first time, we’d just like to say thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy looking around.

We are GastroGays, a blogging duo consisting of Russell James Alford and Patrick Hanlon. We’re both originally from Ireland. We met while studying in Dublin City University (DCU) in 2010, and have been inseparable and insufferable in equal quantities since.

From then to now…

We started the blog back in 2013 with the intention of reviewing a bucket list of restaurants around Dublin city. However, our work circumstances changed and the opportunity arose to take on a bit of an emigration adventure. As you can imagine, having been fresh-from-university graduates during the recent financial crisis, Dublin was a really tough place to be professionally. Though our blog found its feet in the tough times of austerity Dublin, it flourished in London and we really found our voice.


In addition to  writing reviews, readers wanted to know how we moved to London, what it was like, who we were meeting, where we were eating, so our story encompasses everything about our lives in London (and lots more about our travels and trips back to Ireland, where our finger is still definitively on the pulse).

We’re constantly cooking in our kitchen in South East London, and love to share all of our eating adventures on our Instagram and our Twitter pages in particular, alongside original recipes on here, of course. We’ve also diversified and added different dimensions to the blog with a  monthly playlist called “Songs of Proves” of our favourite songs on our YouTube page, which we encourage you to listen to while making something delicious- exactly how we do! We’ve also dabbled in Soundcloud too, more of that to come (likely sporadically) in future.


As well as writing here, we’re also food columnists for Gay Times magazine since 2014 and write a bit for Huffington Post Lifestyle and BuzzFeed. and have appeared in videos for Waitrose TV alongside Paul Hollywood, published in Guardian Cook, Aer Lingus Cara Magazine and Flybe’s Flight Time. We’ve also been guests on Gaby Roslin’s show on BBC London 94.9 in September 2015 and there’s a couple of other TV and radio gigs in the pipeline…

What we do…

We’re not trained chefs; we’re proud home cooks. While our parents offered us an insight into the basics of cookery, it was when we were released to the world living away from home that our interest was heightened, passion piqued and our abilities developed, pretty much hand-in-hand. We believe that food should delight your tastebuds, satisfy your hunger and feed your soul, but it’s worth being very smart about what you’re eating too. Eating, drinking, cooking and preparing isn’t a chore (though the clean-up is always a nightmare) – it’s a joy and we want to make it as pleasant and easy as possible for everyone.

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We have an ever-expanding bookcase of cookery books which we love to read, flick through and explore. But we often use them as inspiration for cooking, a base to jump from and add our own twist. Patrick, in particular, rarely sticks to a recipe: take a tip from here, a method from there, mash it all together and see what you get!

We love to dine out, and do so as a treat, but it’s not an overwhelmingly regular occurrence. If we love it, you’ll see it on our Instagram. If we really love it, we’ll drop by again and again then write up a little review for here. More about our press and review policies here.

As a bit of an aside interest, we are also Eurovision fanatics. We are the type of people who re-watch old contests every week and listen to tracks on repeat even though the contest isn’t on until May each year.

Contact us!


The best part of blogging is being in constant conversation with people who love food and drink as much as we do.

Just drop us an email or a tweet if you want to chat or work with us.

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Shattering The Illusion: Our Not Perfect Life

The world of food writing, whether blogging or cookbook publishing, has been trending unusually high of late and we have a few opinions on it.

First it was the convoluted ‘he-said-she-said’ story of a food blogger and small west London bakery in a digital battle, then it was Prue Leith condemning ‘food porn’ cookbooks for having little substance.

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Snapshots: June 2015


June was one hell of a month… so much so that we’ve left it this long to really soak it all in and report on all we’ve been doing! Fresh off a trip back to Ireland for the Marriage Equality Referendum, we had a couple of weeks of eating and exploring around London before jetting off on our first sunshine holiday together in the almost five years we’ve been in each other’s’ lives.

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Snapshots: January 2015

The start of the year has been rather wonderful for us! Every few months, we take an evening to ourselves and pop down to the pub to review our aims and ambitions for the months and year ahead. We did this in the last fortnight, and are so delighted with how our plans for the past year have been made into reality. Our Instagram is growing at a faster rate than expected, and we last month we began making some YouTube videos too.

So as is tradition, here is a look back at the month that was January 2015, through the eyes of our cameras.

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Snapshots: August

Last month we split our time between our two homes, the two cities that soothe our souls – Dublin and London. We took a very much-needed break back at home, out of London and away from work, and enjoyed it so much. We made lots of exciting waves and met lots of people in Dublin to supply you all with some more Irish content really really soon, so stay tuned for that.

We also explored another area of England this month – Brighton! We were always destined to go there, so thank the lawd that we got it out of the way in order to begin organising the 500 trips we now need to take back there as we loved it so much! New post coming on that this weekend for you…

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