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48 Hours In… Kotor, Montenegro

Though Kotor is a well-known port of call, what seems like a practically compulsory docking for every Mediterranean cruise, it’s the mountains that make Montenegro. In both Italian (Monte Negro) and Montenegrin itself (Crna Gora), the country’s name translates to English as ‘Black Mountain’ and the country’s Adriatic coastline is a wonderful expanse of rocky climbs, sheer drops, beautiful vantage points and sleepy fishing villages.

We spent a week driving around Montenegro’s coastline but two of those days were spent around Kotor itself and we can’t recommend it enough – though we also do recommend having a car and exploring more than Kotor if you can.

We’d never been to the Balkans before and there were seven of us in total (us and all of Patrick’s family) so it was a leap into the unknown and we are so glad we got to visit. Here’s how we suggest you spend 48 hours in Kotor, Montenegro.

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7 Different Things to do in Gran Canaria

It’s no secret that Gran Canaria is a long-established gay destination. Some flock to the island year-on-year for its old-school drag shows, after-hour bars, men-only resorts and clothing-optional beaches. Others will balk at that same line-up and run a mile. Whatever your idea of Gran Canaria is, if you haven’t been you’re missing out as there’s so much to discover in Gran Canaria.

We’ll admit we were sceptical too, but a sojourn on Europe’s sun-drenched southernmost archipelago should be high on your travel bucket list. Year-round blue skies (yes, 24ºC/75ºF in December), incredibly fresh dishes, unique day trips, adventure sports and a raucous gay scene… what are you waiting for?

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48 Hours in… Marseille

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France’s oldest city, Marseille boasts an average 300 days of sunshine every year, making it the ideal destination for a getaway to the Côte D’Azur. Sitting at the starting line of the French Riviera along the Mediterranean coast, Marseille is a seaside city that’s easily explored in 48 hours. So here’s our guide to the perfect weekend or mini-break in the sun-drenched second city of France, Marseille.

marseille vieux port view gastrogays city harbour

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48 Hours in Brussels: 15 Things You Must Eat, Do and See

The Belgian capital has for many years been one of our favourite places in the world to visit. We lovingly refer to it as “our Paris”, a smaller, lesser discovered and different version of its French counterpart. It’s got buckets of charm, sensational food and that continental capital city vibe without the extortionate price-tag that Paris dictates.

tram stop brussels centre city

If you want a low-key, walkable, cultural city with fantastic food, beautiful cafés and stunning art, architecture and sights, Brussels is your ticket. Devastatingly, the terrorist attacks of March 2016, as well as various extremist activities in small pockets of the city, have put a dark cloud over this fantastic city of late. We’re not discouraged from going back, and we hope with our top 10 tips you will find zero excuse not to explore the fantastic Belgian capital. 

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Eating, Drinking, Nightlife in Stockholm

The Swedish capital is most definitely a must if you’re a lover of food like us. While you may only be familiar with IKEA staples such as meatballs and mash, or hearing tales of smelly herrings in tins, there is far more to this Scandinavian smorgasbord of a city.


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Essential Stockholm Tips; Eurovision 2016’s Host City

It’s the most wonderful time of the year once again.  Yes, It’s Christmas, but not the one you’re thinking of. It’s Gay Christmas; a crazy week where all of Europe (and Australia) will focus its attention on a 61-year old song contest which constitutes a melting pot of wind machines, camp costumes, key changes and broken English that is the Eurovision Song Contest. We just happen to be heading to the host city of Eurovision 2016 for the entirety of the contest so we’ve written a quick guide of all the things to see and do during Eurovision week in the wonderful city of Stockholm plus some essential Stockholm tips so you make the most of every moment. We’ve also written our top tips for places to eat, drink and head out to at night, which you can read here.

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