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Eurovision 2017 | Top 10 [Updated Post-ESC]

You can’t escape it. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. You know when you entertain us pair we’ll find a way to slot Eurovision in some place and – yes – it’s that wonderful time of year again, Eurovision Song Contest 2017 – it’s go time!

We’ve spent months following all the updates, getting to know each of the songs and performers and brushing up on what’s happening ahead of Kyiv, Ukraine hosting ESC 2017. So much so that you don’t have to – so nice, right? We’re here to dish on our Eurovision 2017 top ten acts: these are the ones we expect to do extremely well, sail into the Eurovision final on 13th May 2017 and quite possibly even win!

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Eurovision 2015: Top 10 Picks

If you haven’t noticed before now, we adore Eurovision. We take it very seriously. Like, very seriously. It’s been  particularly exciting, enthralling and exhausting in the past few years and millions of people across the world will agree. You might not like #Eurovision at all, but maybe we can convince you how fun and addictive this continent-wide singing contest can be over the next 30 days ’til the contest lands in Vienna. First up, here’s our Top 10 predictions for this year’s final!



We’re such super fans that last year we correctly predicted the top 5. Remember our 2014 predictions? This year, we’ve become even more obsessed than ever, resulting in friends & family worrying about our sanity, NATCH. We were so excited to attend the Eurovision Greatest Hits show in Hammersmith in March, and to the London Eurovision Preview Party, getting an advance glimpse at some of this year’s entrants live on stage. We’ve even spent most Saturday evenings with a huge home-cooked meal and bucket loads of wine whilst  re-watching old contests again (stop judging).


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