GastroGays on Glorifying Gluttony

Yoohoo! Here is a second helping of our voices talking about what we love to talk about: FOOD! This edition is focusing on the world of food in the media: are some websites and TV shows glorifying gluttony and giving the culinary world a bad name? We namecheck shows like Man V. Food and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and wonder whether they are doing more of a disservice to food and produce as opposed to the efforts of MasterChef, The Taste and the Bake Off. Click-through and listen in….

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We also tease some deadly upcoming posts including another big post on the reasons we love Dublin, a feature on one of our hometowns as well as a feature on Exeter and an exciting Euro-tastic theme very soon to celebrate the gayest event of the year – Eurovision!

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