In the grain of thrones and colosseum of carbohydrates, potatoes will always rule supreme on the dinner plates of Hibernian homes. A devotion to the potato is a rite of passage for all us Irish… which is ironic given our turbulent history with the spud! Yes, it’s stereotypical, yes, it can often be a bit of a joke, but there aren’t many food items which our nation adores as much as these delicious tubers. But so often, they’re resigned to support act, understudy, interval entertainment. We want to make them the star, because potatoes are so much more than a bit on the side!

Friday 6th October is #NationalPotatoDay and as noted potato lovers, we’ve been asked to help spread the word. We wanted to make something different, full of flavour, healthy and quick to assemble and – as you know by now – our niche is putting a modern twist on a comforting classic, so we jumped right back to the Seventies and resurrected the croquette!

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