Our fridge is not always full. In fact, when we do a ‘big shop’ or have our shopping delivered every now and then we tend to eat like gluttonous, greedy kings for a day or two and then slowly begin to wonder ‘What’s left?’ and piece the spare bits together to make the rest of the ends meet – a trait I’m sure a lot of us are guilty of when the fridge is bountiful.

spanish tortilla, tortilla in pan, tortilla with wine, spanish potato omelette

It’s useful to know that when you’ve got little in the fridge, or just the store cupboard essentials and one or two superfluous items, that you can make a meal. Eggs are fantastic for those trying times when you’re two key ingredients short of a recipe, or when you have no time to be inspired and frugal with your food. There’s scarcely a household that doesn’t buy a carton of eggs each week, without fail. As Russell’s mother taught him growing up, ‘When you’ve got eggs in the house, you’ve got the makings of a meal’…

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