Patrick here, writing from leafy and lush Drogheda as we are away at home for a week’s break right now, so in the spirit of celebrating Ireland, I thought I would share a story close to my heart and muse about my morals…

In my former job as the content producer for RTÉ Lifestyle, I frequently got sent lots of nice products and various promotions from PR people and companies. I adored my job, and I have to say it was really nice to get to try in advance lots of products and I certainly felt the benefit of that aspect of the job.  People may be a bit mislead in thinking that type of job would get inundated with amazing, expensive stuff, but a lot of the time it would be things I wouldn’t ordinarily use or be interested in. However, every so often you would be wowed with what arrived on the desk each morning. The surprise of the seeming generosity of gifts or samples that got sent in would usually subside and slide into the suspicion of the ulterior motive that was behind these gifts and giveaways. That’s a long story for another blog post, but one week in particular I got something that I had to absolutely run with, and I was all the better for it… and in fact I still am.

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