“What’s seldom is wonderful” is an expression we live by, in cookery especially. Luxury travel to most is a seldom treat – especially to us. We’re always more than happy to go economy, snap up a bargain or work to a tight budget. However, on a special occasion, like a birthday, anniversary or personal milestone, sometimes you need to splurge.

The idea of ‘luxury’ is obviously subjective too. For some, luxury is the idea of arriving at a hotel, being faffed over and bathing in Veuve Clicquot whilst every wish and whim is granted by beckoned call. For others, it’s solitary seclusion in the form of a warmly-styled den the stuff of Hygge dreams, a full-bodied bottle of red for one and a book you can get completely lost in for a night. Wherever you seek luxury and for whatever reason, we have a place we want to share and suggest: The Wood Norton

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