This weekend just gone we were lucky enough to be able to go to the Anniversary Games in the Olympic Stadium in London. A year ago this week we were in London on holiday to experience an amazing two weeks at the London 2012 games. Who would have guessed that exactly a year later we would be back in London, but now as residents, and back in Stratford, living mere minutes away from the stadium itself.


On a post in a former blog incarnation, we detailed our trip – which if you know us, you know is always going to be heavily surrounded by food. Here’s what we saw and what we ate, a year on and reproduced for this blog. The places we ate and things we seen are unlikely to change over the next few years so this is a nice look back for us but still completely relevant for those living and visiting London.

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Prove It!

Prove It!

Bread making is an activity which firmly its place in the history books of cuisines around the world. Every country has their own versions, … View Post