There’s a quote from the great Rick Stein that we’ve written on the blog before, that goes along the lines of “the best seasoning is fresh air”. We couldn’t agree more. Though we’re lucky to live along Ireland’s eastern seaboard, hugging the Irish Sea, the coast is a fifteen minute drive from us and Ireland doesn’t have that fish and chip shop by-the-beach culture like we experienced on our day-trips to Brighton et al when we lived in the UK. What we do have here in Éire, though, is incredible seafood. Our local fishmongers, Fisherman’s Catch in Clogherhead and Kirwan’s Fish Cart in Drogheda, are both renowned for their fresh catch.

We stopped by the former recently as we had a serious craving for Sole à la Meunière (our recipe here) and we picked up twice as much lemon sole as we needed. Stumped with how to make it go further in an inventive way, thoughts turned to frying and soon we were set on having goujons. Simple, satisfying, sensational. But we wanted to elevate it a little bit. You know we love coating things in crisps, so we thought: why don’t we use salt and vinegar crisps as the coating? Turns out… it’s a flavour revelation. We might not live right beside the seaside, but we can absolutely recreate that fresh, salty sea air seasoning with a pang of salt and vinegar. You need to try this.

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