Grand Central by Scandic, Stockholm

Whenever we search for hotels on our travels, we always want to find somewhere quirky and characterful.

Boutique hotels, designer hotels with just a touch of luxury and concept hotels are right up our street ’cause they make a trip to a destination all the more memorable. We love independently styled hotels and we really love ones that ooze unique character. We’re forever on the look out for beautiful spaces to rest our heads that’s a little out of the ordinary and which tempts us never to leave and after an overnight stay at the  Grand Central by Scandic in Stockholm, that’s exactly how we felt.

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Our Definitive London Bucket List!

We’ve lived in London for four years now and we’re still discovering all the best places the city has to offer. Sure there are the iconic kitourist hot spots and must-sees, but we’re also eager to explore and find those lesser-spotted stop-offs and hidden gems that the hoards haven’t yet found!


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Ekstedt, Stockholm’s Most Unforgettable Dining Experience

Open flames dance, smoked birch scents the air and a fierce heat emanates from the kitchen of Ekstedt on Stockholm’s Humlegårdsgatan.

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7 Different Things to do in Gran Canaria

It’s no secret that Gran Canaria is a long-established gay destination. Some flock to the island year-on-year for its old-school drag shows, after-hour bars, men-only resorts and clothing-optional beaches. Others will balk at that same line-up and run a mile. Whatever your idea of Gran Canaria is, if you haven’t been you’re missing out as there’s so much to discover in Gran Canaria.

We’ll admit we were sceptical too, but a sojourn on Europe’s sun-drenched southernmost archipelago should be high on your travel bucket list. Year-round blue skies (yes, 24ºC/75ºF in December), incredibly fresh dishes, unique day trips, adventure sports and a raucous gay scene… what are you waiting for?

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SP: Barcelona Calling (and How We Plan City Breaks as Bloggers)

Before GastroGays was even a twinkle in either of our eyes, we went to Barcelona.


Not together, mind, it was years apart and with different people. But, like many, something about that Spanish city captured both our hearts and hasn’t quite let go ever since. We’re in the process of planning a long-overdue return trip to Barcelona together and wanted to share a little insight into how we plan our blogger trips and compile our ’48 Hours In’ travel guides for our blog. This is a sponsored post brought to you by GastroGays in conjunction with Avis.

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Bravi Ragazzi, London’s Best Pizza (You Never Know About)

You know those places you’ve gone to once or twice and absolutely adored and you’re set in that awkward in-between, torn between going all the time at the risk of becoming bored of it,  and never going again for fear it won’t live up to the self-instilled hype. We find ourselves in that predicament so often with places in London, so funnily enough here’s a post about the first proper meal we had when we moved to London that we’ve never forgotten!

Bravi Ragazzi Streatham

So pizza is big business in London, but that’s nothing new. You’ve got your Franco Manca, HomeSlicePizza Pilgrims, Pizza Union, Pizza East, hell there’s bloody Pizza Express branches on almost every high street. However, we wonder: can you really replicate that authentic, familiar flavour of time-honoured, traditional-style pizzas when you’ve got a standardised replica in every postcode in London. We don’t believe so. Enter: Bravi Ragazzi, our favourite secret spot and arguably the best pizza place in London.

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Recipe: Bavette Steak & Rustic Chips with Béarnaise Sauce

When we were first together back in 2011, Patrick was a vegetarian, which lasted actually for another year or two. Though he cooked meat, he just chose not to eat it, not for any particular reasons but just to see how going meat-free would affect and change his body. To put it into context, Russell has always professed that a meal is never complete without meat.

In those early days (before GastroGays was ever a thing!) we didn’t live together; we lived in towns about 20 minutes drive apart so we rarely got a chance to cook together or for each other. All our time was spent eating out or grabbing something on the go and one of the first memories we have of one cooking for the other is Patrick cooking Russell steak. It’s such an essential skill to have, knowing how to char the cut properly, knowing when to take it off the heat, allowing it enough time to rest (and further cook), serving it with a complementary sauce and sides that make it sing even more. We’ve cooked steak for one another a million times since, but that first time really stands out.

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The following recipe originally appeared in Gay Times Magazine in October 2015, under the theme ‘first date dinner’.

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