It’s almost time to start thinking about working towards the big day, December 25th, and to get ready for the annual meal prep to end all meal preps. Some kitchens are run with military precision, others are filled with chaos and carnage. We’re hoping this recipe will fall into the latter as make-ahead desserts are the simplest way to ensure a failsafe, foolproof and fabulously delicious sweet to end your festive meal.

The Christmas meal is arguably one we all look forward to throughout the year, so why settle for sub-par or questionable ingredients to serve at your celebration? Provenance is really key to us and if you can’t splash out and share great food around the table on Christmas Day, when else can you? We’re teaming up this Christmas with Organic Feed Your Happy and Soil Association to spread the joy of organic ingredients at Christmas, highlighting the benefits of organic produce and encouraging people to share the food that makes them happy this season of celebration.

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