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What We Learned Today in Exeter

For a change of scenery we are out of the big smoke this weekend and have come all the way to the good ‘ol West Country, the land of pasties, cider and the best accent in all of Britain. We came to visit The BIG Cake Show, which is being held in Exeter at the Westpoint Exhibition Centre, and we’re writing this as we are sitting in the hotel, lapping up all that the South West hospitality has to offer.

We met organiser extraordinaire, Kim Vernon, at a special project recently (that we can reveal here soon, don’t worry) and couldn’t turn down the opportunity for a little weekend away to explore the awe-inspiring three-day event that Kim has put together! We’ve been to similar food events and shows before, and this one in particular can really compete with the best of them.

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Not just Westfield…

Okay, yes, it has been named a crime hotspot and a small portion of it was deemed the most dangerous area in Britain. Yes, it somewhat skipped it’s teen years and high-jumped from infancy to adulthood in the blink of an eye due to the super-construction of the Olympics, and okay, we do admit there are many, many dodgy pubs and that there really is a club called ‘Stratford’s Got Swagga XXX’… But Stratford is so much more than only Westfield, and we want to show you why we love it and call it our home.

There’s far more to behold than what’s between the walls of Westfield, not that anything within is much to complain about, but Stratford bears beautiful things within the sizeable perimeter of itself. The ‘City’ of the East End may seem like a shiny shell of newness with little substance brewing inside the proverbial teapot, but there’s places and spaces worth seeing, especially those that pay homage to the quirk and creativity of neighbouring Hackney…

stratford shopping centre art street e15 london

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