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Recipe | Organic Courgette Fritters for Breakfast [SP]

We’re gonna preface this recipe and state that we don’t think anything should need to be labelled ‘organic’.

To us, non-organic ingredients and produce should be the very stuff that needs to be labelled and singled out! It shouldn’t have to be the case that you search eagle-eyed through supermarket shelves, specialist stores and navigating local suppliers trying to find the best produce available, it should always be at the forefront.

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Recipe | Pimped Hot Dogs

Don’t you just hate it when you wait all summer long for the temperature to hit BBQ levels to look forward to an al fresco feast? Often, BBQ food can disappoint, especially sad ‘ol hot dogs. Shoving a slimy smoked sausage into a dry roll and drowning it in ketchup isn’t the most flavoursome thing in the world, nor are under-seasoned burgers or burnt-to-a-crisp steak.

Here are two simple recipe ideas which will amp up the flavour of your hot dogs, just by combing a few key flavours which you’ll no doubt have in your fridge or cupboard.

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Recipe | Summer Smoothie Bowl

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If you’re looking to up your breakfast game, try something new, or want to impress a partner with a special brunch dish, here’s the stuff Instagram dreams are made of, and it couldn’t be simpler to make.

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Recipe: Bavette Steak & Rustic Chips with Béarnaise Sauce

When we were first together back in 2011, Patrick was a vegetarian, which lasted actually for another year or two. Though he cooked meat, he just chose not to eat it, not for any particular reasons but just to see how going meat-free would affect and change his body. To put it into context, Russell has always professed that a meal is never complete without meat.

In those early days (before GastroGays was ever a thing!) we didn’t live together; we lived in towns about 20 minutes drive apart so we rarely got a chance to cook together or for each other. All our time was spent eating out or grabbing something on the go and one of the first memories we have of one cooking for the other is Patrick cooking Russell steak. It’s such an essential skill to have, knowing how to char the cut properly, knowing when to take it off the heat, allowing it enough time to rest (and further cook), serving it with a complementary sauce and sides that make it sing even more. We’ve cooked steak for one another a million times since, but that first time really stands out.

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The following recipe originally appeared in Gay Times Magazine in October 2015, under the theme ‘first date dinner’.

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Recipe: Chicken & Black Pudding en croute

2016 – the year in which seaweed and activated seeds and nuts have been touted as top food trends, black pudding has only gone and been mentioned as a superfood in its own right, to the surprise of many. Well, we nearly had kittens – here’s us thinking we must have been ‘wellness’ bloggers all along as we always ensure we’ve an endless supply of the stuff.

black pudding en croute 4

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Recipe | Lean, Spicy Turkey Burgers

Full disclosure: we’ve been known to watch cookery shows in the gym. Yes, we’re gluttons for punishment, but why else would they put TVs in front of cardio machines?

spicy turkey burger extreme macro close-up

Some spin to sport or work up a sweat mesmerised by music videos, but give us a cookery channel and we’re set. Only problem is it’s usually fried chicken, rich cakes and towering burgers they’re demonstrating how to make, so you can guess what we crave afterwards!

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Recipe | Crispy Pancakes

Gastrogays crispy pancakes 08

Having produced that iconic, frozen fast food fave crispy pancakes for half a century, in 2016 it was reported with dismay that Findus Crispy Pancakes would be a thing of the past. The parent company sold off the brand and that was that. However, following furious public backlash over the beloved classic, apparently Birdseye are now planning to relaunch crispy pancakes in four flavours.

Gastrogays crispy pancakes 05

It seems this kitsch – and sort of naff – classic simply cannot be consigned to the past. People may take the piss out of these, but some comfort foods deserve to out-live us all, no matter how poorly produced they might be. (Sidebar: Ours are guaranteed 100% horse meat free!) But just because you can continue to pick these up in the chest freezers of certain UK and Irish supermarkets, doesn’t mean that’s your only option – we’re here to show you how to make these from scratch at home… and they taste even better, promise!

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