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Borough Market | The Jewel in London’s Crown

“Borough Market”, two words we’ll utter instantly, without fail, when asked for tips on a London visit.

It’s top of the list, every single time. It’s a tourist destination for so many reasons and naturally it’s right up there on our London Bucket List postbut the beauty is that for Londoners Borough Market doubles up as their local grocer, butcher, baker and candlestick maker (we may need to check up on that one!) Heck, for hoards of people lucky enough to work close by it’s the lunch spot dreams are made of with street food aplenty and a buzzy atmosphere from midday ’til around 3pm daily. Here’s why we love Borough Market.

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Our Definitive London Bucket List!

We’ve lived in London for four years now and we’re still discovering all the best places the city has to offer. Sure there are the iconic kitourist hot spots and must-sees, but we’re also eager to explore and find those lesser-spotted stop-offs and hidden gems that the hoards haven’t yet found!


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Bravi Ragazzi, London’s Best Pizza (You Never Know About)

You know those places you’ve gone to once or twice and absolutely adored and you’re set in that awkward in-between, torn between going all the time at the risk of becoming bored of it,  and never going again for fear it won’t live up to the self-instilled hype. We find ourselves in that predicament so often with places in London, so funnily enough here’s a post about the first proper meal we had when we moved to London that we’ve never forgotten!

Bravi Ragazzi Streatham

So pizza is big business in London, but that’s nothing new. You’ve got your Franco Manca, HomeSlicePizza Pilgrims, Pizza Union, Pizza East, hell there’s bloody Pizza Express branches on almost every high street. However, we wonder: can you really replicate that authentic, familiar flavour of time-honoured, traditional-style pizzas when you’ve got a standardised replica in every postcode in London. We don’t believe so. Enter: Bravi Ragazzi, our favourite secret spot and arguably the best pizza place in London.

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16 Scandi Spots in London


Anyone who knows us is well aware we’re Scandi-obsessed, and we’ve welcomed the heightened presence of Scandinavian cafes and nordic restaurants across the UK capital. Whether you’re a totally smitten scandiphile like us, a Hygge hedonist or just a bit partial to embracing ‘Fika’ each day, here’s sexton/seksten (16) little sanctuaries of all things Scandi in London that we’ve found.

We know Iceland, Finland and other territories generally are considered ‘Nordic’, not ‘Scandinavian’, but for the benefit of this article (and the alliteration of Scandi spots; couldn’t help ourselves!), we lumped them all together! Plus, read on to the end of this article for a guest blurb from blogger ScandiNathan!

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Guest Post: London’s Best Burgers by ‘Cause Burgers

London loves a good burger! Though to the naked eye there might not seem to be obvious differences between the dizzying number of places slinging succulent patties in brioche buns, trust us, there is! Navigating London’s burger scene is, in fact, a job in its own right. So we wanted to enlist an expert to offer you a definitive guide to the best burgers in London… and maybe one of the worst too!


Lauren Hughes is the mastermind behind ‘Cause Burgers, the London-based blog dedicated solely to the quest for the best burger in London. Isn’t the name epic for a start?

“Why start a blog?

“… ’cause burgers!”

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10 Perfect Places For Brunch In Peckham

Twice we travelled to Peckham to explore and check out the brunch offerings before packing our shit up and shifted south,  now we’ve lived in Peckham for over two years and we still can’t stop stuffing our faces. Safe to say the area grabbed us and we haven’t been disappointed by a pair of eggs ever since…

Bellenden Road Peckham view street gastrogays

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Brasserie Zédel – London’s Parisian Brasserie

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Deep beneath Piccadilly circus there lies a restaurant. Sitting somewhere above the tunnels of the London Underground and below the busy Circus at the foot of Regent Street is a subterranean restaurant of epic proportions. If you’ve never heard of Brasserie Zédel, let us acquaint you with the place that Pierre Koffmann states is “the only real brasserie in London” and we would have to agree – there’s nothing else like this in the city.

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