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Dublin One | A District To Rediscover

We grew up on commuter towns in the extreme suburbs of the ‘Northside’ as it’s known (Dublin is generally split into north, south and west), so it’s only natural that we’ve always gravitated towards the north of the Liffey but it’s odd to even think – with the benefit of hindsight – that one of us used to live just a street or two away from Dublin’s grand, central boulevard of O’Connell Street during university.

When university rolled around, it was pure luck and chance that a house big enough for a group of four friends – located down a sleepy terrace within earshot of Croke Park’s chanting crowds – was available at the perfect time; and so that spot became home for three years, five minutes’ walk from the Spire, Dublin’s literal pin-pointed heart.

To the untrained eye, Dublin 1 – the postcode marking the north inner city centre – might not seem like it has a lot to offer in terms of modern cafes, exceptional restaurants, long-standing, esteemed retailers and  time-honoured watering holes, but let us be the first to dispel that sentiment.Roughly its confines run along Capel Street northwards from the Liffey, up Bolton Street to meet the North Circular Road and then tracing the canal, finally encompassing all of the IFSC and north docklands area; anywhere within that shape sits in Dublin 1. Dublin 1 is absolutely worth its weight, and here’s why.

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Etto, Merrion Row, Dublin

At the time of writing this, we’ve been absent from Dublin for just over three and a half years. Though based in London we’ve never taken our eye of the Dublin scene, in fact, we’ve probably kept an even closer eye on it…  watching with interest from afar, for fear we’d lose a grip of it. One restaurant we’ve been eyeing up for years is Etto.


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Las Tapas de Lola: Flavours of Spain🇪🇸 & Spirit of Dublin🇮🇪

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When we moved to Dublin together a couple of years ago, we lived a stone’s throw from Wexford Street and Camden Street. Just as we got the keys to our first digs together, so too did Anna Cadrera and Vanessa Murphy for a premises on Wexford Street – what would become Dublin’s definitive and destination tapas restaurant Las Tapas de Lola. Delivering the authentic flavours of Spain in unchartered territory south of the Liffey, naturally, we were one of the first diners the night they opened their doors and then became somewhat regulars. So, fitting, that when we were organising a ‘goodbye’ meal with close friends prior to leaving Dublin for London, it had to be celebrated at a restaurant that holds such a special place in our hearts.

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Cirillo’s: Dublin’s Cucina Italiana (+ WIN Dinner For 4!)

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Dublin’s never really put itself on the map as a perfect pizza destination. Though several international brands have set up shop, we’ve never really enjoyed their standardised, flavourless versions of the beautifully simple Italian classic. Like Goldilocks with her porridge, we’re pretty discerning about what we do and don’t like when it comes to pizza – too fluffy, overly cheesy, too yeasty, poor quality toppings… Now, at long last, enter Cirillo’s, a modern Italian restaurant in Dublin city serving impeccable wood-fired pizza and a wider, classic Italian menu with all the right elements.

cirillos pizza

Sitting on 140 Baggot Street, this cucina Italiana opened in mid-2016 and it’s a joy to see Dublin embracing this authentic slice of Napoli. We want to celebrate the arrival of Cirillo’s by offering you the chance to win a pizza and Prosecco party for FOUR at Cirillo’s! Read on to enter…

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48 Hours In Dublin: Our Guide to Ireland’s Capital

Dublin often tops peoples’ lists for a quick weekend abroad. Boasting buckets of culture and a conveniently compact, walkable city centre, Dublin also offers incredible food, buzzing bars, stunning architecture and an unrivalled atmosphere. You’ll be hard pressed to find a friendlier, warmer welcome in any other European capital. To sample everything that the capital of Ireland has to offer in 48 hours or so, here’s our speedy guide to Dubin taking in the best food, drink, sights and sounds.


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23 Must-Try Brunch Dishes In Dublin

Come for the Guinness and the gab | stay for the unbelievable grub in Dublin.


You have two chances to blow brunch right outta the water every single weekend. Use them wisely, here’s 20 contenders for the best brunch in Dublin!

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The Dean – Dublin’s Designer Hotel

Ever find something you love so much and just need to tell someone? Sorry if we’re about to gush…

On one of our many trips to Ireland, we decided to break away from spending time between our parents’ homes outside the city for a day or two. We wanted to stay in the city centre. To really experience the Dublin we once lived for about five years, without the worry of driving home or public transport hanging over our heads.

As you know, we’ve also started posting our travel tips and reviews on the blog – which we’re loving sharing – and since we hadn’t got a hotel review posted of where we suggest staying in Dublin, naturally we had to remedy that and without a second thought chose The Dean Hotel in Dublin.

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