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Recipe: Cherry Scones

This recipe originally featured in our post Afternoon Tea at Chateau Gastreau in March 2014.

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A.K.A An appreciation of Lemon; an ode to Liz; a Liz Lemon love letter.

A.K.A. Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day

Both of us are not ones for Hallmark sentiment. We’ve often forgone Christmas presents, we never remember, less celebrate, our anniversary and the two of us will sooner gift ourselves chocolate and wine before buying it for the other. Valentine’s Day is yet another example of our scarce sentimentality; we simply never celebrate it.

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London Grilling: A Bit More About Us

A few months ago we had a little chat with the team behind London Living, a blog organised and operated by the team behind East Village – the community neighbourhood surrounding the site of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Here’s some of the Q&A so you can get to know us a little bit more.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 21.14.08
London offers more tasty treats than any other city in the world. We aren’t the only ones who think so. Irish couple Russell James Alford (below left)  and Patrick Hanlon (below right), have a fabulous blog, GastroGays, which explores the plethora of eateries London has to offer, all through the eyes of London newbies…

Twelve Months Later

The little blog that could has passed a milestone; today marks one year since we tapped fingertip to keyboard and typed the first fateful words that would begin our blogging journey…

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Snapshots: January 2014

It’s been another busy, busy month for us both since returning to London after a lengthy Christmas break back in Ireland. Unlike many others we didn’t partake in any New Year resolutions, and instead we upped our intake of wine, greasy food and treats – just to even out the balance in the world. You can thank us later for that.

But we’ve also been exploring our city and making blog plans for the year ahead. Here’s a visual representation of the past month… What would your January look like?

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Not just Westfield…

Okay, yes, it has been named a crime hotspot and a small portion of it was deemed the most dangerous area in Britain. Yes, it somewhat skipped it’s teen years and high-jumped from infancy to adulthood in the blink of an eye due to the super-construction of the Olympics, and okay, we do admit there are many, many dodgy pubs and that there really is a club called ‘Stratford’s Got Swagga XXX’… But Stratford is so much more than only Westfield, and we want to show you why we love it and call it our home.

There’s far more to behold than what’s between the walls of Westfield, not that anything within is much to complain about, but Stratford bears beautiful things within the sizeable perimeter of itself. The ‘City’ of the East End may seem like a shiny shell of newness with little substance brewing inside the proverbial teapot, but there’s places and spaces worth seeing, especially those that pay homage to the quirk and creativity of neighbouring Hackney…

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15 Kitchen Cupboard Essentials

For everyone it’s different. Everyone has their particular mix of what they keep within arm’s reach of the hob/oven in order to lift their dishes. At the front it’s often the ingredients you use the most – salt, pepper, some oils, spices maybe?

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