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15 Kitchen Cupboard Essentials

For everyone it’s different. Everyone has their particular mix of what they keep within arm’s reach of the hob/oven in order to lift their dishes. At the front it’s often the ingredients you use the most – salt, pepper, some oils, spices maybe?

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Recipe | Shortbread, Three Ways!

We adore savoury shortbread, and find them to be a great, satisfactory snack to fend off hunger during the day – which we alluded to in our previous post aimed at students, and promised a recipe for our style of them. Patrick has one recipe, with three outcomes!

shortbread baking snack herbs parmesan thyme rosemary

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The Counter: An Olympic Brunch in Hackney [CLOSED]

It’s been a while since our last review, so here is one place we feel is a must-know-about in London – The Counter at the edge of Hackney.

the counter cafe restaurant hackney brunch art gallery

It’s self-described as “London’s best kept secret” on their website. Coffee, cake, pies, and brunch are their specialities, all served in a happily hipster haven in the East End. This place has been on our hit list for quite some time. In fact, over a year – as far back as our trip to the Olympics last summer. A feature in The Guardian in the run up to the Games had suggestions for eating on a budget around the park while the Games were on and that originally introduced us to this place…

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Beginnings Before Blogging – Patrick


Patrick here this time, for my turn on a little behind the scenes, background story on me and my beginnings before this blog. Russell’s post, with snippets from his experience, and where he stands now, can be read here

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Recipe | Butterscotch Oreo Cheesecake

Patrick here, with a recipe for the weekend.

I recently got a huge craving for Oreo cookies. Those typical American treats, of the ‘milk and..’ kind. Oreos are deliciously satisfying, with a duo of crumbly yet firm, chocolate biscuits sandwiched with a sweet frosted filling. What I love about them is that suspicious tang that they have, an almost salty after-tang. I’m sure that’s additives or preservatives or something, but the less I know to interrupt the enjoyment, the better.

What I craved was not a single Oreo, but something more – an Oreo dessert. I thought about it for a while, yet couldn’t quite find enough inspiration to really think outside the box. So I developed an idea to use Oreo as a base for something, and what could be a simpler? A cheesecake.

(c) Patrick Hanlon / GastroGays

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CHICKENLiquor, Brixton Village

If you’ve been keeping up with our London living situation so far, you already know that we have moved to the east end, after a brief yet brilliant stay in the south west. But a few administrative duties beckoned us back to the other side of the city, and we happily took this as a chance to float around and continue to explore our brief southern stomping ground.

Wishbone Brixton

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