Iceland | The Secret Lagoon on The Golden Circle Route

Smaller than the Blue Lagoon without the airs, graces or international reputation, we actually kind of preferred The Secret Lagoon, hidden onThe Golden Circle, which is actually Iceland’s oldest swimming pool!

Iceland | Self Drive the Golden Circle

Tourism is booming right now in Iceland, notably due to Icelandic airlines like Icelandair and WOW Air offering extended stopovers on transatlantic flights at no extra cost. Tourists who never expected a trip to Iceland are now offered up to a week exploring the island before completing your journey. How cool? What’s more, following the country’s banking collapse, Iceland was a cheap … Continue reading Iceland | Self Drive the Golden Circle

Iceland | Fontana, Baking Rye Bread Beneath the Ground!

You know all about geothermal energy, which is abundant in Iceland. It heats water, is harnessed to provide electricity and even helps Icelanders grow produce in greenhouses… but there’s another use for it. Below the surface of Iceland’s soil, temperatures are balmy enough to bake some pretty perfect rye bread snugly underground overnight – and … Continue reading Iceland | Fontana, Baking Rye Bread Beneath the Ground!

Iceland | The Blue Lagoon, A Bucket List Must!

We’re two very cynical people. Be they restaurants, bars, clubs, attractions, we’ll always take the hype with a pinch of salt. When you mention you’re visiting Iceland, the first thing so many people will ask is: “Are you going to The Blue Lagoon?” A place that everyone and their mother visits isn’t normally imbedded in our … Continue reading Iceland | The Blue Lagoon, A Bucket List Must!

Iceland | Friðheimar, Tomato Farm and Restaurant

Ever eaten inside a greenhouse? On a recent trip to Iceland we stopped by Friðheimar to witness their incredible tomato farm and eat a tomato-based lunch right inside the Atrium of their gigantic greenhouse, an hour’s drive from Reykjavík.

Recipe | Pimped Hot Dogs

Don’t you just hate it when you wait all summer long for the temperature to hit BBQ levels to look forward to an al fresco feast? Often, BBQ food can disappoint, especially sad ‘ol hot dogs. Shoving a slimy smoked sausage into a dry roll and drowning it in ketchup isn’t the most flavoursome thing in … Continue reading Recipe | Pimped Hot Dogs

Eurovision 2017 | Top 10 [Updated Post-ESC]

You can’t escape it. Don’t fight it. Embrace it. You know when you entertain us pair we’ll find a way to slot Eurovision in some place and – yes – it’s that wonderful time of year again, Eurovision Song Contest 2017 – it’s go time! We’ve spent months following all the updates, getting to know each of … Continue reading Eurovision 2017 | Top 10 [Updated Post-ESC]