Taste of Galway: Galway Food Tours with Sheena Dignam

We’re suckers for food tours and we scour the net before embarking on a trip to any destination in the hopes we find a local going walkabout. By that we mean a local with expert knowledge, on-hand to guide us on-foot through the best of food and drink that an area has to offer. Recently we took a (seriously long-overdue ) trip back to Galway on Ireland’s wild west coast and we found all that we had hoped for in Sheena Dignam’s Galway Food Tours.

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Review | Bishop’s Gate Hotel, Derry (Londonderry)

bedroom bed headboard bishops gate hotel derry

Ideally located within the beautifully in-tact original Derry City Walls just inside the northern gate, the Bishop’s Gate Hotel is the ideal spot to rest your head on a trip to Derry.

bishops gate hotel derry exterior

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Etto, Merrion Row, Dublin

At the time of writing this, we’ve been absent from Dublin for just over three and a half years. Though based in London we’ve never taken our eye of the Dublin scene, in fact, we’ve probably kept an even closer eye on it…  watching with interest from afar, for fear we’d lose a grip of it. One restaurant we’ve been eyeing up for years is Etto.


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Eastern Seaboard – The Best Restaurant in Drogheda

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Life has a way of dropping a spanner in the works just as you’ve made your mind up about something. The Eastern Seaboard opened just as Patrick finished secondary school and moved up to Dublin City University, leaving Drogheda behind after two decades spent growing up there. If ever there was a draw to return to Drogheda more often, the Eastern Seaboard is enough. Here sits the restaurant and bar that single-handedly put Drogheda’s dining scene back on the map.


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How We Got 10K Followers on Twitter in 4… Years

You’ve no doubt seen hundreds of these types of clickbait articles and enticing blog post titles…

‘How I gained 100,000 Instagram followers in a week!’
‘How I got a million Twitter followers with the click of a button!’
‘I quit my job to travel the world full-time whilst making £$€ millions’
‘250,000 views on every Snapchat, here’s how I did it…’

Without sounding like grumpy gits in the corner dissing others’ work, what those articles are often peddling is a load of crap.  We wanted to offer a tongue-in-cheek antidote to the nonsense, but also get real about social media milestones, so here’s how we got 10,000 followers on Twitter in four long years!


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Looking Back | The Year That Was 2016

It’s pretty safe to say, 2016 in the grand scheme of things hasn’t been the best. For us, it’s had trials and tribulations of course, but on reflection – as everyone tends to do this time of year – we’re pretty proud of  what 2016 has brought to our table and what we’ve produced with it.


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Review | The G Hotel, Galway

Image (c) Edward Hotel Group

“Go West!”, The Pet Shop Boys urged, and so we did. Though we’ve taken lots of trips to Galway in our time, when we moved to London there was a period of about four years that we hadn’t been back to Galway. So we took a long-overdue trip west and if, like us, you’re looking for a hotel that combines luxury, comfort, style and service in Galway, we have to recommend The G Hotel.

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