Manchester’s Northern Quarter: 20 Must-Visit Places

Every city we visit, no matter where in the world, we try and seek out that small little nook where decent music is played at full volume, people wear whatever clothes they desire and culture is the currency of choice. London has Shoreditch, Dublin has Temple Bar, but Manchester may reign supreme with the Northern Quarter – we cannot sing it’s praises enough, so here’s at least 20 reasons why the Northern Quarter is incredible.

northern quarter sign manchester

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48 Hours in… Marseille

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France’s oldest city, Marseille boasts an average 300 days of sunshine every year, making it the ideal destination for a getaway to the Côte D’Azur. Sitting at the starting line of the French Riviera along the Mediterranean coast, Marseille is a seaside city that’s easily explored in 48 hours. So here’s our guide to the perfect weekend or mini-break in the sun-drenched second city of France, Marseille.

marseille vieux port view gastrogays city harbour

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Las Tapas de Lola: Flavours of Spain🇪🇸 & Spirit of Dublin🇮🇪

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When we moved to Dublin together a couple of years ago, we lived a stone’s throw from Wexford Street and Camden Street. Just as we got the keys to our first digs together, so too did Anna Cadrera and Vanessa Murphy for a premises on Wexford Street – what would become Dublin’s definitive and destination tapas restaurant Las Tapas de Lola. Delivering the authentic flavours of Spain in unchartered territory south of the Liffey, naturally, we were one of the first diners the night they opened their doors and then became somewhat regulars. So, fitting, that when we were organising a ‘goodbye’ meal with close friends prior to leaving Dublin for London, it had to be celebrated at a restaurant that holds such a special place in our hearts.

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Cirillo’s: Dublin’s Cucina Italiana (+ WIN Dinner For 4!)

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Dublin’s never really put itself on the map as a perfect pizza destination. Though several international brands have set up shop, we’ve never really enjoyed their standardised, flavourless versions of the beautifully simple Italian classic. Like Goldilocks with her porridge, we’re pretty discerning about what we do and don’t like when it comes to pizza – too fluffy, overly cheesy, too yeasty, poor quality toppings… Now, at long last, enter Cirillo’s, a modern Italian restaurant in Dublin city serving impeccable wood-fired pizza and a wider, classic Italian menu with all the right elements.

cirillos pizza

Sitting on 140 Baggot Street, this cucina Italiana opened in mid-2016 and it’s a joy to see Dublin embracing this authentic slice of Napoli. We want to celebrate the arrival of Cirillo’s by offering you the chance to win a pizza and Prosecco party for FOUR at Cirillo’s! Read on to enter…

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Recipe: Easy Onion & Garlic Orzotto (V)

gastrogays orzotto 1

One of our biggest learning curves when we began cooking and experimenting in the kitchen was finding a way of making a meal out of nothing. Being ultra busy and in a fast-paced city, we often feel like we spend all our time living to work rather than working to live, so there’s usually a night (or two) a week when coming home and finding nothing in the fridge or cupboard suddenly welcomes the temptation to order a takeaway.

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Brasserie Zédel – London’s Parisian Brasserie

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Deep beneath Piccadilly circus there lies a restaurant. Sitting somewhere above the tunnels of the London Underground and below the busy Circus at the foot of Regent Street is a subterranean restaurant of epic proportions. If you’ve never heard of Brasserie Zédel, let us acquaint you with the place that Pierre Koffmann states is “the only real brasserie in London” and we would have to agree – there’s nothing else like this in the city.

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48 Hours in… Paris

Normally, when we write our ’48 Hours in…’ posts they tend to be curated, condensed, ‘best of’ highlights from several trips. We try to cram as much into several research trips so that we can produce the ideal travel feature. For Paris, it’s a little different. You see, it’s taken us six years before actually visiting Paris together (yet we’re two hours away on the train from London!)

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