GastroGays Meets… Joey O’Hare

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted Josephine (or Joey) from a certain UK-based competitive cooking reality TV series. Yes, it’s MasterChef: The Professionals alum Joey O’Hare, who we can now call a friend of ours (as we pinch ourselves). We were in awe of her cookery on the series – where she made it to the semi-final stage – and fell head over heels for her dishes when we tasted them at her incredibly popular supper club Hare on the Hill in London. We chat to her about her TV turn, training at Ballymaloe, her culinary ethos and where and when you can taste Joey’s cooking!


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Recipe: Gluten-Free Grapefruit Loaf Cake

Have you ever gotten so inspired by an ingredient that you’re enamoured by cooking with it and find ways to use it, even dedicating an entire recipe to it? It’s so rare we get to cook with or use grapefruit to its full potential, so we really wanted an excuse to celebrate it .

gf grapefruit loaf gastrogays overhead

Often served with a sprinkling of sugar at breakfast or its ruby red flesh segmented and strewn through salads for lunch; tell us how often you’ve come across grapefruit in other guises? We love the sharp, bitter flavour of this juicy citrus and we wanted to make it the star of the show, so naturally we baked an entire grapefruit into a cake… as you do!

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Travel: 8 Bars You Need To Visit In Brussels

Chips, chocolate and beer top every visitor’s must-try list when travelling to Brussels. Beer and Belgium go hand in hand; could there be a Belgium without its beer culture?

brasserie senne bar brussels beer gastrogays fin de siecle

St. Gilles Street Brussels gastrogays travel

Naturally, the Belgian capital has some of the best bars and beer houses in the country. If you’re feeling frazzled and swamped in suggestions of where to grab a beer, take it from us: here’s eight of the best bars in Brussels for beer.

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Sticky & Sweet Sesame Chicken

Everyone has had some form of sticky sesame chicken before, right? Sometimes seen on Chinese buffet line-ups (we use the term ‘Chinese’ very loosely as it’s usually an anything-goes mish-mash of Asian-ish dishes), other times ordered right from the menu at your local takeaway (whether Korean, Chinese, Japanese..) One thing we can all agree on is that whatever the history or heritage of this dish, there’s simply no denying it’s incredibly delicious!

overhead sticky sesame chicken gastrogays close-up

This recipe is adapted from The Dumpling Sisters, a fabulously bubbly and incredibly skilled sibling duo based in London. These Chiwi (Chinese-Kiwi) chicks know Chinese cookery inside out and we adore pretty much every single recipe they produce, so when we scrolled past the below image it stopped us in our drooling tracks. Not solely worthy of a double-tap, we needed to make this for ourselves, so here’s our slightly adapted take on this!

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Recipe: Rare Roast Beef Salad

It’s summer – no one wants to spend a sunny Sunday slaving over a stove and running around trying to assemble all the elements of a roast dinner. Soak up that vitamin D as much as possible by making Sunday lunch absolutely effortless, then pack it up and take to the park!

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48 Hours in Brussels: 15 Things You Must Eat, Do and See

The Belgian capital has for many years been one of our favourite places in the world to visit. We lovingly refer to it as “our Paris”, a smaller, lesser discovered and different version of its French counterpart. It’s got buckets of charm, sensational food and that continental capital city vibe without the extortionate price-tag that Paris dictates.

tram stop brussels centre city

If you want a low-key, walkable, cultural city with fantastic food, beautiful cafés and stunning art, architecture and sights, Brussels is your ticket. Devastatingly, the terrorist attacks of March 2016, as well as various extremist activities in small pockets of the city, have put a dark cloud over this fantastic city of late. We’re not discouraged from going back, and we hope with our top 10 tips you will find zero excuse not to explore the fantastic Belgian capital. 

dog pissing brussels city statue

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