For those of us in Britain and Ireland, Northern France is a place we often go through, not to. As the capital, Paris, second city, Marseille, and other major metropolitan centres (Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice, Lille) are chock-full of residents and visitors alike, we find it’s so important to look outside the box when picking destinations to visit. A country is so much more than its capital – something we both echo about Ireland and the UK too.

Boulogne-sur-Mer, more commonly (and simply) known as Boulogne for short, is actually closer to London than it is to Paris – geographically speaking. On a clear day, from the narrowest distance between the two countries atop the pointed summit of the Cap Gris Nez, you can clearly make out the White Cliffs of Dover. Obstructing the view momentarily yet consistently are passing ships and liners making way through what still remains the busiest shipping strait in the entire world.

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