For some, even the word IKEA fills their gut with dread. A busy furniture store, kids running around, couples arguing over samples, little room to move, endless queuing and chockablock car parks. Yes, there’s that endorphin-fuelled elation at newness arriving into your home, quickly followed by the inevitable dread of having to build it all from flat packs. But IKEA, really, is a way of life and has transformed so many peoples’ humble abodes into homes and personal sanctuaries. IKEA is a mentality, it’s the premise of functional design that betters-your-life, it’s simplistic, it’s beneficial and it’s consistent. We’re yet to find someone who doesn’t have an IKEA product in their home, to be honest.

For Sweden, IKEA is pretty much their No.1 export and the company’s iconic blågul – its signature blue and yellow branding which pays homage to the Swedish flag – can be seen in 26 countries across the world across over 275 stores. IKEA is one of the most recognised brands in the world; a game-changing company transforming the way we live and set up by an incredibly smart and fascinating entrepreneur, so of course it deserves its own museum. Set in the town of Älmhult in Sweden’s Småland province (where the brand’s owner grew up) and living within the building where the very first IKEA store opened in the 1950s – here’s why you need to visit Sweden’s IKEA museum!

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