The Bristol, The Best Hotel in Bristol?

Can you believe we had never been to Bristol until recently? Brizzle, as it’s colloquially and affectionately dubbed, is a hotbed of incredible food, drink and restaurants, which we’ve been told by many who were suitably shocked we hadn’t made it our business to beeline to Bristol. So thankfully, just shy of three years living in London, we took a trip west of Waterloo and explored what’s been named as Britain’s best city to live in.

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Over a two-day trip, Doyle Collection’s The Bristol was our chosen place to rest our heads. Neatly located along the waterfront between College Green and Queen’s Park, it’s right in the physical centre of the city within the burgeoning Creative Quarter.

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25 Irish Drinks You Need To Try (Which Aren’t Guinness)

We’re not against Guinness, even Bey likes the ‘G’…

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Nothing against the good ‘ol pint of the black stuff, but Ireland’s drink game goes way beyond stout; there’s more that Ireland produces than that…

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Across the Emerald Isle, the craft beer and small batch spirit distillery business is booming. It isn’t just selling locally, but is also becoming increasingly popular overseas. Here’s a few suggestions to wet your whistle 🍻

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Recipe: Speculoos Blondies

You all know by now that Brussels has a very special place in our hearts, we’ve written lots about it before. On our very first trip there we actually had to make extra space in our hearts (and bellies) for Lotus. Yes, we succumbed to this gorgeous caramelised biscuit spread many years ago and we’ve been living happily with an insatiable addiction to it ever since. We once told Fallon & Byrne – Dublin’s foodie mecca – to stock it and they’ve had it on their shelves ever since!

speculoos blondie biscoff blondie overhead gastrogays

Speculoos is the commonly-held slang for the spread, which is made from crushed brown sugar ‘Biscoff’ biscuits with a speculaas spice blend of pepper, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg. It can be called cookie butter, which is a very Americanised name that we refuse to use. It’s also widely known now as “crack in a jar” – we tend to agree.

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GastroGays Meets… Anna Haugh

Don’t know this name? Well you will soon enough. As a top female chef having commanded some of the best restaurants in London, there’s no better place for Anna Haugh to be right now. Born in Dublin, she’s spent the past decade and a half working her way around kitchens across the world and is a true Irish culinary talent that deserves to be a household name. From Derry Clarke’s l’Ecrivain in Dublin to Gualtiero Marchesi’s restaurant in Paris to Pied à Terre in London, Anna comes from a Michelin star pedigree. Continuing our GastroGays Meets… series, we caught up with her to talk kitchens, cookery and what it’s like to be one of the most successful Irish chefs in London.


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#TBT: That Time We Were On TV

We realised recently that we’ve kind of never talked about our very first small screen appearance (on The Restaurant on Ireland’s TV3) on our blog. Not that we try to brag or share every single bit of publicity that we receive, but more about the fact that in our short (but also not so short) three years of blogging it’s a pretty nice milestone and benchmark to have under our belt and we get lots of questions about it.

gastrogays the restaurant tv3 wine tasting

We were delighted to be asked by the producers to take part. We got a couple of emails, had a call or two and even attended a meeting in Dublin in summer 2015 before we were confirmed. Then, we sneakily flew home in August for a whirlwind two-day trip to film our episode at The Restaurant’s filming location,  Marco Pierre White’s Courtyard Bar & Grill in Donnybrook.

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Recipe: Thai Turkey Laab with Broccoli “Rice”

We know…this sounds like a real departure for us but let’s face it, summer is coming: beach body, engage. We’re firm believers in having cake whenever and wherever you want but we often offset it by suffering through a gym session before or afterwards.

GT laab gastrogays 01

Healthy nutrition, as in life, is all about balance and moderation, so if you’re looking to lean out for summer, we have the perfect recipe that’s a healthy treat even when you’re watching your weight, plus it’s a fast dish to cook and a pretty impressive one to have in your repertoire.

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Recipe: Chia Bia Banana Bread

Coconut oil? Chia? Flaxseeds? Spelt? In a GastroGays recipe!? No, we haven’t gone crazy… we do eat healthily for the most part and stock our cupboards with specialist products, health food items and  things that are good for us too, so if you’re looking for a more healthy recipe from our repertoire, this one’s for you: our Chia Bia Banana Bread! 🍌

Banana Bread Chia Bia Best Vertical

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