48 Hours in Bristol: 8 Things You Must Do

Bristol was named the best city in Britain to live in a couple of years ago by a Sunday Times survey. Of course it wasn’t London. Of COURSE it wasn’t.  Look, we can’t all up sticks and high tail it to the south west, but we can all agree that you’ll definitely be captivated by Bristol’s spirit and charm. Whether it’s a weekend, mid-week escape or a longer sojourn,  here’s what you need to see, eat, drink and do in Bristol.

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23 Must-Try Brunch Dishes In Dublin

Come for the Guinness and the gab | stay for the unbelievable grub in Dublin.


You have two chances to blow brunch right outta the water every single weekend. Use them wisely, here’s 20 contenders for the best brunch in Dublin!

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London, We Love You, But You’re Bringing Us Down

1st July 2013 was the day we did what thousands of other Irish people our age have been doing for the last number of years. We were adamant we weren’t going to join the droves and ditch our homeland but when certain things aligned in our lives we made a huge decision and we emigrated hand-in-hand.

We chose London, which is thankfully less far flung than San Fransisco, Vancouver or Auckland, but it was never really about distance or escape. We were never escaping. Nor were we running away. We just wanted a new life and different opportunities. Much like anyone who sacrifices being around friends and family and their cherished creature comforts, you hope your nervous leap will pay off. It’s three years since that day, and in some ways our time in London have been a success and in other ways it’s been one of the toughest, most testing, most stressful times of our lives.

London empty tube carriage gastrogays

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Brunch Recipe: Huevos Motuleños (V)

If you’re lucky to have a balcony, garden or some sort of outdoor space, sunny summer mornings dictate eating breakfast or brunch al fresco. Whether weekend or weekday, there’s hardly a better side dish to the most important meal of the day than a hefty hit of Vitamin D, right?

huevos recipe gastrogays close-up portrait

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Recipe: Baked Sweet Potato with Spinach and Chorizo

Food trends are hard to avoid: Avocado on toast; ice cream sandwiches; now even black pudding has ‘superfood’ status. Sweet potatoes have never been trendier either, but they’ve long been a welcome alternative to their starchier relations, Maris Pipers and King Edwards, so here’s our recipe for the perfect baked potato, filled with some really lovely, easy things to make it even better!

Best sweet potato gay times gastrogays recipe

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Recipe: Lemon Sole (Sole à la Meunière)

Theres a certain moment of dread after youve realised youve just invited someone ’round to cook for them. It falls somewhere between them accepting and you crying at the oven an hour before they arrive, right? What if they dont like mushrooms?’; ‘I hope theres no wheat allergies at the table’; Which one just announced theyre vegan?’…

off-centre lemon sole gastrogays capers close-up

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