Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coastal Route

Hitting the open road, passing little villages, breathing in the coastal air and being absorbed by the rolling countryside; a driving holiday may sound like something a pair of past-it parents might plan, but there’s really no better way to see a destination to its fullest. The UK & Ireland boast so many picturesque driving routes but Northern Ireland’s Causeway Coast is truly one of the most breathtaking.

Two days on the open road from Derry City/Londonderry to Belfast city brings you along the Co. Antrim coast taking in castles, temples and natural wonders, not to mention incredible food and drink.

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Dublin One | A District To Rediscover

We grew up on commuter towns in the extreme suburbs of the ‘Northside’ as it’s known (Dublin is generally split into north, south and west), so it’s only natural that we’ve always gravitated towards the north of the Liffey but it’s odd to even think – with the benefit of hindsight – that one of us used to live just a street or two away from Dublin’s grand, central boulevard of O’Connell Street during university.

When university rolled around, it was pure luck and chance that a house big enough for a group of four friends – located down a sleepy terrace within earshot of Croke Park’s chanting crowds – was available at the perfect time; and so that spot became home for three years, five minutes’ walk from the Spire, Dublin’s literal pin-pointed heart.

To the untrained eye, Dublin 1 – the postcode marking the north inner city centre – might not seem like it has a lot to offer in terms of modern cafes, exceptional restaurants, long-standing, esteemed retailers and  time-honoured watering holes, but let us be the first to dispel that sentiment.Roughly its confines run along Capel Street northwards from the Liffey, up Bolton Street to meet the North Circular Road and then tracing the canal, finally encompassing all of the IFSC and north docklands area; anywhere within that shape sits in Dublin 1. Dublin 1 is absolutely worth its weight, and here’s why.

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Recipe | Organic Courgette Fritters for Breakfast [SP]

We’re gonna preface this recipe and state that we don’t think anything should need to be labelled ‘organic’.

To us, non-organic ingredients and produce should be the very stuff that needs to be labelled and singled out! It shouldn’t have to be the case that you search eagle-eyed through supermarket shelves, specialist stores and navigating local suppliers trying to find the best produce available, it should always be at the forefront.

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Recipe | Pimped Hot Dogs

Don’t you just hate it when you wait all summer long for the temperature to hit BBQ levels to look forward to an al fresco feast? Often, BBQ food can disappoint, especially sad ‘ol hot dogs. Shoving a slimy smoked sausage into a dry roll and drowning it in ketchup isn’t the most flavoursome thing in the world, nor are under-seasoned burgers or burnt-to-a-crisp steak.

Here are two simple recipe ideas which will amp up the flavour of your hot dogs, just by combing a few key flavours which you’ll no doubt have in your fridge or cupboard.

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Recipe | Summer Smoothie Bowl

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If you’re looking to up your breakfast game, try something new, or want to impress a partner with a special brunch dish, here’s the stuff Instagram dreams are made of, and it couldn’t be simpler to make.

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Borough Market | The Jewel in London’s Crown

“Borough Market”, two words we’ll utter instantly, without fail, when asked for tips on a London visit.

It’s top of the list, every single time. It’s a tourist destination for so many reasons and naturally it’s right up there on our London Bucket List postbut the beauty is that for Londoners Borough Market doubles up as their local grocer, butcher, baker and candlestick maker (we may need to check up on that one!) Heck, for hoards of people lucky enough to work close by it’s the lunch spot dreams are made of with street food aplenty and a buzzy atmosphere from midday ’til around 3pm daily. Here’s why we love Borough Market.

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48 Hours In… Kotor, Montenegro

Though Kotor is a well-known port of call, what seems like a practically compulsory docking for every Mediterranean cruise, it’s the mountains that make Montenegro. In both Italian (Monte Negro) and Montenegrin itself (Crna Gora), the country’s name translates to English as ‘Black Mountain’ and the country’s Adriatic coastline is a wonderful expanse of rocky climbs, sheer drops, beautiful vantage points and sleepy fishing villages.

We spent a week driving around Montenegro’s coastline but two of those days were spent around Kotor itself and we can’t recommend it enough – though we also do recommend having a car and exploring more than Kotor if you can.

We’d never been to the Balkans before and there were seven of us in total (us and all of Patrick’s family) so it was a leap into the unknown and we are so glad we got to visit. Here’s how we suggest you spend 48 hours in Kotor, Montenegro.

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