This is the 20th Today’s Chip Paper and 20 features in, safe to say Today’s Chip Paper has definitely become a compulsory occurrence on these digital pages. We love writing it, if you listened to the final episode of Chew The Fat series 1, the podcast we launched in 2018, you’ll have heard us waxing on about this feature. It’s a labour of love, but we pour over it ’cause we’re avid readers of the weekend paper food/lifestyle supplements, so it ticks off another passion of ours and makes sense in our content mix, even if it is a lot of extra work on a Sunday afternoon.

If you wondered along the way if the critics themselves are reading these words, the answer is: you betcha. We know for a fact most of them do. This week we even received a quite pointed email picking apart our surmising of a certain critic’s feature last week, from the critic themselves. To note, we’ve been critiqued since the first time we ever put fingertip to computer key and published anything under this brand name and on this platform, and we’ve been liable to critique at every turn and in every moment since. The way we see it: if you put yourself out there – you’re liable to critique. End of. Critics are not untouchable, nor are they infallible nor are they always right. They are regular people with extraordinary roles and their work is very much broadcast in the public eye. You’re their readers. We’re their readers. Readers have thoughts and reactions.

Curious, in the same week that Jay Rayner wrote this incredible feature in The Oberserver on why he writes negative reviews and places deserve it (because they work for ratings and everyone loves to watch a car crash – paraphrasing, of course), this week we’ve got reviews from the the northernmost county right down to the southernmost, another go at Masa in Dublin, buttery flaky richness at a new sourdough bakery in D2 and a stone-clad pub in Co. Meath that needs to sack the stylist… or maybe, actually, employ one!

This is Today’s Chip Paper, the weekend food critics’ reviews in-review, summed up and surmised!

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